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*New papers/preprints!*
NuRD independent Mi-2 activity represses ectopic gene expression during neuronal maturation  now published at EMBO Reports!

AGES: An auxin-inducible, GAL4-compatible, gene expression system for Drosophila now published in

Exciting collaboration with the Aerts lab! - "Decoding gene regulation in the fly brain"
in Nature

Cha_x_His-RFP_proj5_depthcode_stitch_edit copy.png
Gene regulatory mechanisms underlying neuronal differentiation


​We are interested in how transcription factors and genome remodelling drive differentiation of neurons. Using the wonderful Drosophila model and cell specific profiling methods, we are investigating the mechanisms that drive the maturation of newly born neurons, causing them to lose cell fate plasticity and acquire specific properties,.

Targeted DamID (TaDa)


Targeted DamID (TaDa) is a method for profiling protein-DNA interactions in a cell type-specific manner (Southall et al., 2013). 

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