Tony picture taken at Wellcome Trust mee
Tony Southall 
Principal Investigator
Emma Walmsley
PhD student
Darshan Wouhra
PhD student

Past members

Colin McClure
(Now a Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast)
Gabriel Aughey
(Now a Postdoc at UCL)
Alicia Estacio Gomez
(Now an editor at F1000)
Hassan_ Amira 2.jpg
Amira Hassan
PhD student/Postdoc
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European Drosophila Research Conference disco - 2019

Go Ape tree trekking - 2016

Neurofly 2016 - Crete

Emma Wasmelly graduation - 2018

Christmas Ceilidh 2018

The Southall lab is committed to creating and sustaining a positive, equitable, and mutually supportive working environment. We believe that a diverse, multicultural team is critical to the success of our scientific mission. We encourage anyone to get in touch about jobs, student positions or to ask us about our work!